E-Bike Safety & Mechanical Check-Up


Not sure if your bike is safe to ride? This service is a quick check-up that will ensure your bike is ready to roll! Includes a thorough safety inspection of the bike as well as some basic mechanical adjustments.



Cost: $65.
(Included for 6 months with New Bike Purchase).

Ready in: 1 hours (Scheduled Appointments) – 24 Hours (Drop Ins).

Recommended Interval: First 250 miles and then every 500 miles thereafter.

Does Not Include: Cleaning, Wheel Truing, Electrical Work, Nor parts and labor for any additional mechanical tune-up work.


  1. Tightening of seat post clamp and saddle.
  2. Tightening of stem bolts and headset.
  3. Tightening of crank bolts and pedals.
  4. Tightening of axles or QR skewers.
  5. Tightening of brake caliper and mounting bolts.
  6. Tightening of derailleur mounting bolts and derailleur hanger alignment check.
  7. Inspection of all cables and housing.
  8. Bartel adjustments at brakes and gears.
  9. Re-applying lube to the chain.
  10. Topping off air pressure in tires.
  11. Test riding and quality checking by our mechanics.

Tips: For bikes being ridden a lot, this service is a great routine maintenance check-up in between your regular tune-ups.
If your bike has been sitting for a while, this can be a good way to get you riding again!
Want to learn how to do this one yourself? Schedule an appointment and hang around to learn some great maintenance tips!


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