E-Bike Full Service Tune-Up


This service is designed to get your bike back in a ‘better than new condition!’ Bike will be stripped down to the frame, thoroughly cleaned, and then professionally rebuilt from the wheels up.



Cost: $200

Discounts: 10% off of any parts.
100% off of any additional labor.

Ready in: 4 hours (Scheduled Appointments) – 72 Hours (Drop-Ins).

Recommended Interval: Every 2000 Miles.

Does Not Include: Electrical Work, Nor parts and labor for any additional mechanical tune-up work.


  1. Full breakdown and rebuild of the bike.
  2. All parts removed and cleaned by hand. Wear and tear parts replaced as needed.
  3. Frame thoroughly cleaned.
  4. Wheels trued. Tires replaced if necessary.
  5. Hubs and bottom brackets overhauled (if possible).
  6. Components reinstalled with fresh grease and.or oil and new cable and housing lines. Hydraulic lines bled.
  7. Ergonomics set to neutral position or customer preference at pickup.
  8. Test riding and quality checking by our mechanics.

Tips: Are you a commuter or an avid hobbyist? This service is periodically essential for bikes seeing a lot of love! Pair it with replacement wear and tear parts and save big on additional labor costs!


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