E-Bike Conversions


Conversions have been the backbone of our business since our conception back in 2008. In today’s market, with new e-bike prices becoming less and less expensive, we view conversions at passion projects instead of the outright economical choice. Our conversion service is intended to give you a unique electric bicycle that operates to the best of its ability.

The cost for this service starts at $375 which includes a consultation period to analyze your current bike from a mechanical point of view and decide which conversion kit will be best for you. We then point you in the right direction to purchase the kit through a number of websites that we have had good success dealing with in the past. The labor to install the kit is included in the $375 service charge.




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Exclusive Vendors

We provide electric bikes from the top vendors in the industry
Vendor for Raleigh Electric Bikes
Vendor for Yamaha Electric Bikes
Vendor for Elux Electric Bikes
Vendor for Magnum Electric Bikes
Vendor for Benno Electric Bikes