Benno Boost E 10D


Take a ride on the Benno Boost E 10D with Bosch performance mid-drive system and you’ll understand why “too hilly”, “too far”, “I don’t want to get sweaty” and “I can’t carry enough” are no longer good reasons to leave your bike at home. The Boost E 10D will have you looking for excuses to go on additional errands.

This compact and extremely sturdy e-utility bike makes transportation fun and easy. It’s designed to carry heavy loads and has an interchangeable rack system that you can pick and choose from to fit your needs. The strong frame and big tires are the perfect pairings for the powerful Bosch motor.

Frame: The Benno Boost E 10D features a robust 6061 Aluminum Alloy frame, which is reliable, strong, and lightweight. It has a high strength to weight ratio and is highly resistant to corrosion.

Brakes: This Benno Boost E 10D electric cargo bike is equipped with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. In addition to providing reliable stopping power, these brakes are low-maintenance and easy-to-control.

Accessories: It comes with an option to choose different racks and trays. Our team has a lot of experience outfitting bikes with additional accessories.

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